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I listen to a lot of podcasts while driving, working out, and doing chores around the house. In this weekly feature, I’ll tell you about one episode I particularly enjoyed that week. (I do not receive any compensation for these recommendations.)

I had a hard time choosing a podcast for this post because I listened to several this week that were so good.  The one I initially selected is pretty short, so I decided to pick a second bonus episode this time.

My first pick is Grammar Girl Episode 551.  Grammar Girl is a short weekly podcast that covers common grammar and usage mistakes, word origins, and writing tips.  This episode discusses the most-looked-up words of 2016 (an interesting way of looking at what captured our collective attention last year) and offers some advice on how to become a better writer this year.

My second choice is Everybody’s Got Something Episode 7.  Robin Roberts of Good Morning America hosts this podcast of “intimate conversations celebrating resiliency.”  In this lovely episode, Robin talks with her colleagues Amy Robach and Dan Harris about their experiences going public with their “somethings” — breast cancer for Amy and anxiety and drug use for Dan.  Their discussion touches on several topics that are near and dear to me: authenticity, connectedness, health, meditation…it’s good stuff.  (Dan also references something else I wrote about recently–bonus points if you catch it!)

What inspiring or intriguing podcasts have you listened to lately?

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