The Weekend Listen

A pair of wireless headphones for podcast listening

I listen to a lot of podcasts while driving, working out, and doing chores around the house. In this weekly feature, I’ll tell you about one episode I particularly enjoyed that week.

Note: This week’s podcast episode contains explicit language that may be objectionable to some listeners. 

I’m a little behind on my podcast listening, and this week’s selection is about two weeks old.  I’m posting it anyway because it serves as a nice follow-up to Sunday’s post on financial management.  On the Tim Ferriss Show, the author of The Four Hour Workweek interviews top performers in a variety of fields about their habits, beliefs, experiences, lifestyles, and how they do what they do.  Tim recently talked to “Mr. Money Mustache,” Pete Adeney, about how he retired at 30 and lives comfortably (with a family of three) on $25-27K of passive income per year.  I was not familiar with Mr. Money Mustache before this podcast, but I’m intrigued by his advice and plan to check out his website (which apparently has a cult following).

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Let’s Talk About Money: My Journey Toward Financial Freedom

Money: a one dollar bill on top of a twenty dollar bill on top of a credit card

The topic of money management came up in a conversation with some friends recently, and I later realized that it was not a subject I’d ever previously discussed with my friends. Sure, we occasionally bemoan how expensive something is or lament our monthly student loan payments, but we never really talk about saving, planning, or investing. Money is one of those subjects that is seen as taboo, especially among women. We fear being perceived as greedy, and we don’t want to invite comparisons of salaries and financial well-being. But money really is power, and we need to be able to confront the topic without fear or intimidation. Good financial management brings freedom. Let’s break the silence.

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