About the Author

Photo by Jacob Edwards, used with permission

Hi, I’m Alexis!

I am ever-curious and love to learn and ponder.  A creative kid with a knack for drawing, I started studying art seriously in ninth grade and majored in it in college.  After graduating, I considered pursuing an MFA in painting, but I decided to go another route instead: law school.  I had always loved writing, analyzing, and arguing, so law school seemed like a good fit and a fun challenge.  Unlike a lot of lawyers, I actually enjoyed law school, despite the stress that accompanied each semester’s final exams.  Since obtaining my J.D., I have practiced law with two regional firms and clerked for a federal district judge.  Despite taking (and passing) three states’ bar exams, I do not currently practice law, though I work in the legal field.  I still enjoy art and writing, as well as yoga, hiking, reading, cooking, and traveling.  I live in a small town in southern Appalachia with my husband and two cats.

I hope you enjoy Alexigraph.  Thanks for reading!


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